Perhaps you have discovered that you have a need for a rear extension to your building. This is a new adventure for you and you may not be sure as to how to start. The first thing that needs to be determined is if you require planning permission. Depending on what you are planning for, it may be that you only require a Certificate of Lawful development. This can be confusing to determine.

What you will need for your rear extension proposal is fill out a planning application which demands the attachment of a complete set of scale architectural drawings. The planning department uses these to ascertain what the exact dimensions are of the existing property, and then what the size of the new rear extension would be if permission is granted.

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These architectural drawing are very important and have to be completed by a professional who specializes in this type of information. Here at Build On Planning we have the very best Architects who special in modern technology to produce the required drawings such as CAD software. This tool along with the expertise and experience of our architectural experts provide a very clear understanding for the Duty Planning Officers who have the authority to make a permission decision regarding your rear extension project regardless of whether it is for home or business.

When we are providing real extension planning application services to you we have the responsibility of making sure that we are cued into the current legislation and restrictions so that we ensure that your application is being submitted within the demand of the rules. We will not waste your time or money by submitting planning applications based on your demands that we know will not get the desired results of planning permission.

You should also be aware that planning permission drawings are not a replica of the type of drawings a traditional architect would provide you with when designing a building. Our drawings have a specific purpose to fulfill which is giving all of the information needed to gain the approval for real extension planning approval. Being as these drawing requirements only have to fulfill this one purpose you will find that they are far less expensive than traditional standard drawings. Once the drawings have served the purpose of obtaining your planning permission, you can then use them as a foundation for modification to be used as a guideline for your tradespeople or for tender and obtaining quotes for your project. You will find this process to be cost effective and a great time saver.

We offer a full and comprehensive planning permission package that includes liaison with the planning authority for your London or surrounding region that you are accountable to. With our expertise and precision planning you have a much greater chance of obtaining the planning consent that you must have to continue with our rear extension project.