porchesIt really is amazing what a little bit of extra space can do for the home atmosphere. This is often gained adding on a porch. Before delving into the building of such a useful addition you first need to determine whether you need a Certificate of Lawful Development or in some cases it could be a Full Planning Application that you need. There are lots of factors that are taken into consideration that determines which you need such as where your properly it located and what restrictions may be in place that affects your area.

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One thing is for certain is that when submitting your application you are going to also need a set of architectural drawings to accompany it. These drawings must be precise in their information which will include the size of the existing structure and your proposed changes. Now you may be a bit concerned about having to supply such drawings as traditional types are very expensive. Fortunately our professionals here at Build On Planning can provide you with the necessary architectural plans at a fraction of the cost. Our expertise and workmanship is readily accepted as being easy to read and follow by the Planning Officers and Officials. We rely on our education, expertise and modern technology to produce the required plans. So go ahead and plan your new porch addition then give us a call to assist you in providing the architectural drawings you will need to go with your application.