One thing you need to start with for any building project is to determine what kind of permission you need to be able to go ahead with your plans. This means you need to go through a planning process.

The Planning process:

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The future of London comes under the authority of the UK Government in unison with the London Mayor. As a governing body they have many future goals and have implemented policies to help them reach their objectives. In the future it is the hope of many that the planning process will become a much easier task and more readily obtainable. However, this is for the future with no set date for this accomplishment. As it stands now the planning process can be complex which can lead to additional costs and certainly a great deal of frustration.
Here at Build On Planning we have made it our mandate to take this planning process on for you which in turn makes a potentially negative experience a positive one that is far more affordable and with a lot less hassles.
There are four building planning steps that have to be worked through.

Step One: A proper Feasibility Study

No doubt you know what your plans are but the question is how feasible are they? Our team of experts will conduct a NO CHARGE feasibility survey for your project. Based on our planning permission experience we can then advise you as to how likely it would be that you will be granted the permission that you need to go ahead with your project.

Step Two: A Survey of Your Site

Once you have retained our services one of our quality architects will be assigned to conduct a site survey of your locale. This will include taking all of the necessary measurements, obtaining the important photographs, and a detailed inspection of the structural components.

Step Three: Planning Drawings

Now with all of the pertinent information in hand gathered from step three the architects here at Build on Planning will prepare the planning drawings. These will be comprised of the existing property and the proposed changes. It will include the front, rear, and side elevations, floor, roof and site plans. These plans can vary according to the specific requirements and project. Once these professional drawings have been completed they will require your approval and any changes you want made at this particular stage. After approval, and payment we will move onto step 4.

Step Four: Submission of Application

The application is comprised of an original, and 3 copies of a completed application form which must be dated. There must also be the original plus three copies of the plan identifying the land drawn to scale with a north direction indicated.
There is also a requirement for an original and 3 copies of other plans, drawings or information that accurately describes the subject of the application.

You will also need to submit the following documents…

  • The Correct Council Fee
  • The original and 3 copies of a design and access statement
  • The original and 3 copies of the completed, dated ownership certificate
  • The original and 3 copies of the completed, dated Article 7 Certificate
While this may seem a little overwhelming, once you place these requirements in our hands, we will take care of all of these for you. Once all of the data has been gathered and compiles we will then submit the planning application for you.