loft_conversionsAs a UK homeowner no doubt you have a home that has ample loft space for handy storage, but you really wish you could put this valuable space to better use. Possibly your family is growing and being able to use this space for sleeping or even as a place for the kids to entertain their friends would be a far more practical use of the space. Loft conversion does demand planning permission which in turn creates a need for planning application drawings. We here at Build On Planning have the necessary experts on staff to provide these for you.

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It all begins with knowing what the law states in your London area region pertaining to converting your loft for use. It may be that you only need a Certificate of Lawful Development but the possibility exists that you may need a Full Planning Application. We can take the confusion out of what the law requires of you in order to proceed with your loft conversion planning. In either case you still need to submit properly prepared architectural drawings that are accurate when obtaining the loft conversion permission.
With our knowledge of the regulations pertaining to loft conversion, and our skills at developing the proper drawings we have a high success rate of obtaining the necessary planning permission for our clients. There is no doubt that you will be impressed with our designs and concepts that will be geared towards fulfilling your needs for using the loft space.
All you have to do is contact us here at Build On Planning to get things in motion so you can begin using your loft conversion space for what suits you best.