garage_conversionsIt can be an awful circumstance when you absolutely love your home but its biggest flaw is that it is just not providing you with enough space. No matter how much you shuffle furniture around or discard items it is not enough. One option you may have though is a garage conversion. Often people don’t give any thought to this valuable space that may be at present going to waste as a storage room.
There are many potential exciting options for this space like extending the room next to it in the home if this is where desired space is wanted. Or even creating an entirely new room for the young teens in the home or a quiet space for the adults may be the requirement. Now knowing that there is a viable solution for your much needed extra space it also means knowing what is required to achieve this.

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No doubt some type of windows will be a necessity for the new garage conversion and this must be given good thought during the planning stage. In regards to permission for this new home project it will come under the umbrella of Certificate of Lawfulness, but if this is not the case then it will require Full Planning Permission which is still achievable with the proper approach. There will definitely be a required for scale architectural drawings and these are something that we here at Build On Planning can assist you with. In addition to that we can be your ideal solution for other problem solving issues like designs and concepts.
Be sure to call us today so we can chat about your needs for your garage conversion. We would love to help!