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At times some individuals undertaking building projects do not realize they need planning permission and go ahead with the start of their building. What happens then is there is a need for retrospective planning permission. This is a requirement to now regulate the project. Basically it is a planning permission that has been filed late. This is not a good position to be in as it can be costly to then have to make changes that may be in demand by the building regulations. It could be even worse than that where the officials will take formal enforcement steps.
You as an unsuspecting person in respect to the laws for building as a homeowner could suddenly receive notice from the building counsel that you are required to submit a retrospective planning application. While this can be nerve wracking, you have the option to retain our services and let us take on the hassle of completing this application for you.

Give us a call here at Build On Planning and lets discuss your retrospective planning application and see where we can help.