conservatoriesIf you have been looking forward to have your very own conservatory and now have reached a point where you are ready to build one, you need to consider the size and location of your property and its type. This will help to determine if you are going to get your new addition with just the need for a Certificate of Lawful Development or if you are going to new the full Planning Permit. If you have been fortunate enough to qualify under the Certificate of Lawful Development then you will have to stay within the restrictions of this. If this is not possible you will have to apply for the Full Planning Permit. You will need to produce architectural planning drawings, but don’t despair because we happen to be the experts in this field. Our education and experience in this field of the building industry allows us to produce the precise scale architectural drawing that will be in demand. The drawings must depict details as to how the new conservatory will affect the existing building.

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With our expertise and the assistance of very sophisticated software (CAD) we will develop your scaled drawings to perfection. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the current regulations and insist on providing drawings that the Duty Planning Officers will be able to fully understand and read easily. This makes their job much easier for them.
We are also able to save you time and money by using our knowledge of what is likely to be approved or disapproved. We can provide you with the advise that is going to be more acceptable when it comes to acceptance of your conservatory proposal.